Southwestern Ontario Landfill Proposal

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Statement: JMCC responds to Province’s decision on Walker Southwestern Landfill proposal

March 18, 2016 - “The JMMC is disappointed in the decision by the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change to accept with amendments the Terms of Reference for Walker Environmental Group’s Southwestern Landfill Proposal.    

“We believe Oxford’s municipalities put forward, through the Peer Review Team submissions, convincing evidence and information regarding the ecological, economic, social and health implications of a mega-landfill for this location in our community. Our citizens have voiced their concerns loudly and clearly to the provincial government. To learn that the Southwestern Landfill proposal will now move to an Environmental Assessment process is devastating news to our community.   

“We are further disappointed to learn the Minister did not grant our requests for a full Health Impact Assessment, but has left Walker to determine whether or not to expand the scope of the Health Risk Assessment: a far less comprehensive review than what would be required by a Health Impact Assessment.   

“This community is not a willing host and will continue to oppose Walker’s landfill proposal. We share the profound disappointment of our citizens in this failure to protect our people from the impacts of Walker’s mega-landfill. The only outcome we can support is the outright rejection of the Terms of Reference and the denial of this project.   

“At the same time, the JMCC remains committed to continuing to oversee an independent multi-disciplinary peer review process to ensure the objective, scientific information about the impacts of the proposal will be available to Oxford residents and all other stakeholders.   

“To that end, we will also work to ensure Walker Environmental Group commits to a full Health Impact Assessment, as submitted to the Ministry by the Oxford County Medical Officer of Health and endorsed by the four Oxford County JMCC municipalities.”  

Margaret Lupton 
Chair, Joint Municipal Coordinating Committee 
Mayor, Township of Zorra

Read the full news release    Download a copy of the statement

County continuing to seek protection of West Quarry Lake

January 27, 2016 - Oxford County Council has adopted a motion committing the County to continue exploring options to deter Carmeuse Lime from using West Quarry Lake as a water treatment system. The motion affirms Walker Environmental Group’s commitment to the County that the West Quarry Lake is an environmental feature that must be studied as part of the environmental assessment, should Minister of the Environment and Climate Change grant approval an Environmental Assessment Terms of Reference for the Southwestern Landfill Proposal. 

Read the Oxford County Council resolution, January 27, 2016

Oxford County CAO submits letter raising concern with Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) for West Quarry Lake

August 14, 2015 - Oxford County's CAO, Peter Crockett has sent a letter to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and Carmeuse Lime (Canada) Ltd. raising significant concern with the June 15, 2015 ECA issued that would convert West Quarry Lake into a settling basin. The letter requests any work be suspended until several concerns can be addressed. Read the letter