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JMCC responds to release of EA studies for Walker’s Southwestern Landfill proposal

Statement from JMCC Chair Marcus Ryan (Mayor, Township of Zorra)

“With Walker Environmental Group’s release today of the Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) for the Southwestern Landfill proposal, our work as a Joint Municipal Coordinating Committee begins its most crucial stage: overseeing the long-planned review of the landfill proposal by an independent peer review team, while at the same time ensuring our residents are being informed about the EA process and their right to have a say.

“The release of the Draft EA document, with its supporting studies, presents a first real opportunity for the public to review and comment on the specifics of the landfill proposal and its impacts. As part of its role, the independent peer review team will provide the Oxford County community with objective, science-based information on the Walker EA studies and whether they adequately and correctly assess the potential impacts of the proposed landfill.

“To the residents of Zorra, Ingersoll and South-West Oxford—who are most immediately affected by this decision—and to all residents of Oxford County, who will share in the potential impacts to our communities, we encourage you to learn what you can about the Southwestern Landfill Proposal, ask questions, and submit your comments formally through the EA process so they are recorded.

“Last month, the JMCC added a detailed briefing and a high-level infographic to its website at to help the community understand this stage of the environmental assessment. If there are other ways we can support you in making a meaningful contribution to this process, please reach out to your elected officials or email us at”

Mayor Marcus Ryan  
Mayor, Zorra Township | Chair, Joint Municipal Coordinating Committee


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Walker Environmental Group - Southwestern Landfill Proposal:

Joint Municipal Coordinating Committee (JMCC):

Province of Ontario: Environmental Assessment Act


Quick facts

  • If approved, Walker Environmental Group’s Southwestern Landfill Proposal would see the development of a 17 million-tonne private landfill in Zorra Township.
  • The release of the draft Environmental Assessment is a key step in Ontario’s Environmental Assessment Act process through which the Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks  will decide if the large-scale private landfill will be approved.  
  • Under the Province’s EA process, Oxford County residents will have three opportunities to provide comments before a final decision is reached: 1) During the current pre-submission stage for the draft EA; 2) during a seven-week comment period after the EA is submitted to the Minister; and 3) during a five-week final public review period after the Ministry has reviewed the EA.
  • The Joint Municipal Coordinating Committee (JMCC) is made up of the heads of Council and CAOs of Zorra Township, the Town of Ingersoll, Township of South-West Oxford and Oxford County, the municipalities most directly affected by the proposal to build a large-scale landfill in Zorra Township. The committee was formed to oversee a peer review of the information and research contained in the environmental assessment for the Southwestern Landfill proposal
  • The Peer Review team is made up of 19 experts covering more than 20 discipline areas that will be considered in the proposal’s environmental assessment, including air quality, noise, water quality/hydrogeology, groundwater, land use, legal, traffic, agriculture, the natural environment, human health, culture, social impact and other issues that have the potential to affect quality of life for residents and the local ecosystem.