About the Joint Municipal Coordinating Committee

The Joint Municipal Coordinating Committee (JMCC) is a partnership among the municipalities most affected by the Southwestern Landfill proposal: Zorra Township, the Town of Ingersoll, the Township of South-West Oxford and Oxford County, the regional government that comprises all eight of Oxford's area municipalities.

The JMCC operates independently of Walker Environmental Group, the proponent of the Southwestern Landfill proposal. It was formed to ensure a fair environmental assessment process that fully considers the economic, social, cultural, environmental, health and other impacts of the proposed landfill on our communities. The JMCC does this through education, advocacy, and by overseeing the work of an independent peer review team that will review the environmental assessment for the Southwestern Ontario Landfill proposal. The final decision on the Southwestern Landfill proposal lies with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks.

Members of the JMCC include the heads of council and chief administrative officers of Zorra Township, the Town of Ingersoll, theTownship of South-West Oxford, and Oxford County; Peter Pickfield and Alex Ciccone from Garrod Pickfield LLP, which provides legal representation;and Chris Haussmann, manager of the Oxford Peer Review Team.

The Joint Municipal Coordinating Committee first announced the Peer Review Team on February 7, 2013. The current list of review panel experts includes:

Garrod Pickfield LLP memorandum: WEG Southwestern Landfill Proposal Chronology, EA Process and Peer Review Team Process (Released Feb 3, 2020)

Discipline area

Peer Review Team Lead(s)

Peer Review Team Manager F. Chris Haussmann, Haussmann Consulting Inc.
Economic and municipal finance Andrew Grunda, Watson & Associates Economists Ltd.
Social impacts and public consultation Dave Hardy, Hardy Stevenson & Associates Limited
Environmental Assessment process  David Walmsley, Tetra Tech
Legal Peter Pickfield, Garrod Pickfield LLP
Land use planning Allan Ramsay, Allan Ramsey Planning Associates
Visual impacts Mark Schollen, Schollen & Company Inc.
Air quality and air emissions Tony van der Vooren, Vooren Air Quality Management Service Inc.
Noise and vibration Brian Howe, HGC Engineering
Landfill design, geotechnical, surface water, landfill gas and gas utilization Chuck Smith, Jacob's Engineering Group Inc. and Paul Bowen, Engineer
Groundwater impacts Jason Balsdon, ResEnv Consulting Ltd.
Ecosystems and terrestrial impacts Mirek Sharp, North-South Environmental Inc.
Aquatic impacts Brian Fraser, EcoMetrix Inc.
Traffic impacts John Hemingway, Hatch Mott MacDonald
Agriculture impacts David B. Hodgson, DBH Soil Services Inc.
Cultural Heritage Christienne Uchiyama, LHC Letourneau Heritage Consulting Inc.
Human Health Risk Assessment Derek Hillis, EcoMetrix Incorporated
Archeology Peter Popkin, Wood Group PLC